From Haneda to Shinjuku

There are 4 major way to go to Shinjuku(新宿) from Haneda Airport.
I recommend Airport Limousine Bus because no transfer is needed and you can securely sit down.
If you want to save money  it is better to try “By Train”.

By Airport Limousine Bus

Price ★★ 1230 JPY*1
Duration ★★ about 35-75 min*2
Comfort ★★★ No transfer
Securely seated

*1 : 2000JPY at late night and early morning
*2 : Depending on traffic conditions

More detail information:
A limousine bus trip from Haneda to Shinjuku

By Trains (Keikyu-line and JR east Yamanote-line)

Price ★★★ 610 JPY*1
Duration ★★★ about 30-40 min
Comfort Transfer is needed.
Maybe packed.

*1 : 601 JPY if you pay by IC card

More detail information:
Train Trip to Shinjuku Station from Haneda Airport

By Monorail (and JR east Yamanote-line)

Price ★★★ 690 JPY*1
Duration ★★ about 35-45 min
Comfort Transfer is needed.
Maybe packed.

*1 : 677 JPY if you pay by IC card.
*1:  A Monorail and Yamanote-line discount ticket “モノレール&山手線内割引きっぷ”  is available at 500 JPY on Saturday ,Sunday, and Japanese public holidays .

By Taxi

 Price omg ! more than 10000 JPY*1
Duration ★★ about 30-40 min*2
Comfort ★★★ No transfer
Securely seated

*1 :20% additional charge is applied from 10PM to 5AM.
*2 : Depending on traffic conditions

Have a nice Trip !

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