In case you depart from Haneda Airport in the early morning

Last updated on 2016/03/04
Recently, international flights which depart from Haneda Airport in early morning (AM4:00-AM7:00) are increasing.
However, first trains of Monorail and Keikyu-line are arrived at Airport around AM5:15.
So it is difficult to board these early morning flights.
This article are described about how to arrive at Haneda Airport before the first train.

There are some options how to get on an early morning flight depart from Haneda Airport.

Stay overnight in Haneda Airport International Terminal

While Domestic Terminal 1 and 2 don’t open for 24 hours, International Terminal itself opens for 24 hours.
So you can stay overnight in International Terminal until early morning flight.
Please go to the below page for more details.
Stay overnight in Haneda Airport International Terminal

Get on early morning limousine bus for Haneda Airport

Under construction.

Using a free shuttle bus from spa near Haneda Airport

“Natural Hot Spring Heiwajima” near Haneda Airport operates a free shuttle bus at midnight and early morning.
A Free shuttle bus from Natural Hot Spring Heiwajima Spa to Haneda

Reserve a hotel near the Airport in advance

Some hotels near the airport operates free shuttle bus for the airport even at midnight.
So you can arrive at Haneda Airport earlier than using the first train.
Regarding hotels near/inside Haneda Airport, please check the below page.
Hotels near/inside Haneda Airport

Useful information and TIPS about Haneda International Airport for overseas tourists