Stay overnight in Haneda Airport International Terminal

Last updated on 2016/07/02

Haneda Airport International Terminal itself opens for 24 hours.
So you can stay overnight inside the building while domestic terminal 1 and 2 are closed in late night.

Places for sleeping

There are many places to sleep inside the international terminal.

However, recently many passengers know we can stay there overnight.
So it is not guaranteed to get your sleeping place especially in busy season such as a summer vacation (July and August) and a new year vacation (end of December and the beginning of January).

And you had better to watch your personal belongings although security guards patrol frequently.

Sleeping places on the 1st floor

There are many chairs on the 1st floor.
Chairs on the 1st floor are popular for passengers because it is relatively quiet and a convenience store “Air Lawson” which opens for 24 hours exists near them.

Sleeping Places on the 2nd floor (Arrival floor)

On the 2nd floor, there are many passengers to stay overnight especially after midnight.
Most of them wait for the first train.
So it is difficult to find a vacant seat until the next morning.

Sleeping places on the 3rd floor (Departure floor)

On the 3rd floor which has departure, there are also many chairs.
Most of passengers sleeping on the 3rd floor wait for an early morning flight.
So we can find a vacant seat after about 3:30AM when start to check in.

On the 3rd floor, there is a hotel “Royal Park Hotel the Haneda” which is directly connected to international terminal.
However it is always crowded and very expensive to stay…

Sleeping places on the 4th floor

The 4th floor which is called “Edo-kouji(江戸小路)” is a commercial area decorated with an old fashioned Japanese culture.
There are many retail shops and restaurants, however most of them are closed at midnight.

You may find some vacant red chairs.
However the surface is very hard and the size is too small to sleep.
They are made from wood and red cloth.

This type of chair is relatively comfortable to sleep.
The surface feels soft and the width is wide enough to sleep.
However a number of this chair is only 9.
It is highly competitive.

This type of chairs on the 4th floor is made from stone.
It is extremely hard and cold, however, its size is big enough to sleep.
You might be embarrassed by many person’s attention because this type of chairs are located near the cafe “Cardinal” which opens for 24 hours.

Sleeping places on the 5th floor

The 5th floor of international terminal has an observation deck.
Observation deck of international airport opens for 24 hours.
You can sleep outside if you have a confidence not to catch a cold.

There are hard and narrow chairs near the observation deck.
It is not comfortable to sleep…
However we often see some passengers are sleeping with patience.

This type of chair is soft.
Unfortunately the design is circular.
Your foot may be out of the chair…

Anyway, if you can’t find sleeping place on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor, it is better to climb up to the 4th or 5th floor to check.

Facilities which open for 24 hours

Most of shops and restaurant inside international terminal are closed at midnight.
Several restaurants opens for 24 hours.

  • Tully’s Coffee on the 2nd floor (Arrival floor)
  • Cafe CARDINAL on the 4th floor
  • Japanese Bar “Suginoko(すぎのこ)” on the 4th floor
  • Beef bowl restaurant “Yoshino-ya(吉野家)” on the 4th floor
  • Hamburger shop “Mos Burger(モスバーガー)” on the 4th floor
  • Restaurant “Haneda Shokudo(羽田食堂)” on the 4th floor

Convenience store “Air Lawson” on the 1st floor also opens for 24 hours.
You can enjoy various kinds of Japanese food and drinks.
Two pots of hot water are prepared for free in the store to cook instant noodles.

On the 2nd floor, you can find shower room open for 24 hours.
It is very useful to refresh.
However, it costs 1030 JPY per 30 minutes.

Sleeping places in the airside area

Airside area (beyond the immigration) is also open 24 hours.
There are several reclining chairs.
Each chair is separated.
And you can charge your smartphone or PC using AC outlet or USB port.
These facilities are newly placed in 2015.

Even if the reclining chairs are full, there are many chairs we can sleep on.
There are many AC outlets and USB ports for charging near the chairs.
They are very convenient for us.

Haneda international terminal is very safe and has enough facilities to stay overnight if you can keep your sleeping place.

Have a nice trip !

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  1. Thank you for posting!
    I’m at Haneda right now laying across a nice black bench on the 5th floor. Glad I got here early to stake my spot and nap before catching a 7:30a flight tomorrow!
    What hurts us can only make us stronger.

  2. I have to give the credit to you! Your blog is indeed very helpful! Gave a lot of insights during the late arrival in Haneda.

  3. Thanks for the tips, im sure, iI really need it cause my upcoming flight to Hanaeda is in the middle of night.

  4. Thanks for the tips as arriving at 1am into Hanaeda, before being able to take the monorail at 6.45am into Tokyo. I feel much more at ease reading this prior to leaving Australia. Many thanks.

  5. Is it cold during winter, like end of November? I am planning to bring my family (including 9yo boy) there this year.

  6. I have a 19 hour lay over , is it best to have a cheap hostel, ??? Or is it Easy to go out of the airport

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