Charging points in International Terminal

Last updated on 2017/10/10

This article is a summary for charging points in Haneda Airport International Terminal.
When you want to charge your smartphone, tablet,or laptop PC, these facilities may help you.
And a free Wi-Fi (Heneda-Free-Wifi) is available everywhere inside International Terminal.
You need to input your e-mail address to subscribe this free Wi-Fi network.

Charging points on the 1st floor (Public Area)

■Charging desks (1F)
There are 7 pairs of AC outlet and USB power connector per one desk.
There are 2 desks on the 1st floor.
They are full at midnight with many passengers who stay overnight.

Charging points on the 2nd floor (Public Area)

■Charging desks (2F)
There 2 are desks on the 2nd floor (Arrival floor).
You may be nervous since many passengers are walking behind you.

This is a cafe which opens for 24 hours.

There are AC outlets on the counter seats.
They may be occupied by many passengers at late night.

A metal bar exists above the AC(Type-A) outlets.
It may conflict with your AC adapter…
I have seen some tourists suffered from this bar.

So you had better to sit down on these seats.
They have also AC outlets for each seat on the table.

■Charging Chairs (Newly added in March 2017)

There are 18 poles which can supply power sitting on the chairs.
They are placed along the isle to parking area.
They were established in March 2017 by Tokyo International Airport Terminal (TIAT).
Good Job !

Charging points on the 3rd floor (Public Area)

■Charging Desks
There are 2 desks on the 3rd floor which are always used by someone.

■Mobile phone shops (Docomo and AU)
Docomo and AU shop have free charging boxes for smartphone.
There is no AC outlet available.
So you can charge your smartphone or tablet only.

■Royal Park Hotel The Haneda Restaurant “Tail Wind”

“Tail Wind” is a restaurant located inside Royal Park Hotel The Haneda which is directly connected with Haneda Airport International Terminal 3rd Floor.
Several AC outlets are available on the circle-shaped bar counter at the center of restaurant space.

Charging points on the 4th floor (Public Area)


“MOS CAFE” is one of the Japanese famous hamburger chain.
This cafe opens for 24 hours.
There are 16 seats which can use AC outlets.

■Haneda restaurant (羽田食堂)
This restaurant also opens for 24 hours.
It has  9 counter seats and 2 box seats where AC outlets are available.
Table seats don’t have AC outlets.

Charging points on the 5th floor (Public Area)

■Expasa Cafe Haneda (5F)
There are some AC outlets on the counter table from which we can see airplanes outside.
Table seats don’t have AC outlets.
Opening Time is 8AM – 10PM.

Airside area

In air side area, there are many free charging points.
Most of charging point have Type-A 100V AC outlet and DC5V 2A USB port for charging only.

■Charging points near chairs
There are many charging points in airside area.
Even if you can not enter airline lounge, you can charge at the charging points near chairs.

You can also find many desks which have several AC/USB outlets.

■Food court in air side area
Each counter seat in the food court in air side area has AC outlet.
This food court opens 24 hours.

■Reclining chairs
Several reclining chairs was placed in air side area.
Their armrests have AC/USB outlets.
You can charge even during sleeping.

Other idea for charging

You can buy a mobile battery at convenience stores or souvenir shops inside the terminal.
There are many free charging places in airside area also.
If you can enter airline’s lounge, there are so many AC outlets inside it.

Have a nice trip !

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