Taking a shower in Haneda Airport

Last updated on 2016/03/05

This page is a summary about where we can take a shower in Haneda Airport.

International Terminal

[Public Area] A shower room on the 2nd floor

There is a shower room on the 2nd floor of International Terminal.
It costs 1030 JPY/30 minutes including a PET bottle of water or Japanese tea.
Additional charge is 520 JPY/15 minutes.
It opens for 24 hours and it has 15 shower rooms.

[Public Area] A shower room inside a hotel

We can use a shower room inside “Royal Park Hotel The Haneda” which is directly connected with the 3rd floor of International Terminal.
It costs 2000 JPY/hour.
Additional charge is 1000 JPY/30 minutes.
It exists in both public area and airside area.

[Airside Area] A shower room in JAL Sakura lounge

It is exclusive for One World sapphire or higher class members, etc.

[Airside Area] A shower room in ANA lounge

It is exclusive for Star Alliance Gold or higher class members, etc.

[Airside Area] A shower room in TIAT LOUNGE ANNEX

It is exclusive for passengers who are qualified for entering.

[Airside Area] A shower room in SKY LOUNGE ANNEX

Every passengers can use this shower room even if you are not a high class member of airline.
Entrance fee for SKY LOUNGE ANNEX is 1030 JPY (Free for certain gold credit card members)
Additional charge for taking a shower is 1030 JPY/30 minutes.

Domestic Terminal 1

[Public Area 1F] A shower room inside capsule hotel (FIRST CABIN)

“Short stay” is available from 10:00AM to 7:00PM.

  • First Class Cabin : 1000 JPY/hour
  • Business Class Cabin : 800 JPY/hour

In other time (7:00PM-10:00PM) overnight charge is applied.

  • First Class Cabin : 6000 JPY/night
  • Business Class Cabin : 5000 JPY/night

Domestic Terminal 2

[Public Area 3F] AIRPORT LOUNGE (North)

Opening time : 6:00 – 20:00
(Under renewal construction from 2018/11/15 to 2019/03)

  • Entrance fee : 1030 JPY (Free for specific credit card members, such as Diners Card)
  • Additional fee to take a shower :1030 JPY

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