Train Trip to Shinjuku Station from Haneda Airport

When you go to Shinjuku(新宿) from Haneda Airport International Terminal (羽田空港国際線ターミナル), taking trains is one of the cheapest way (610 JPY/Adult) .
In this article, I will explain how to go to Shinjuku by train by yourself.

As you know, train networks in Tokyo are very complicated.
There is no direct train from Haneda Airport to Shinjuku, so you need to change train with your baggage.
In addition, JR Yamanote Line may be very crowded depending on the time.

So basically I recommend to take Airport Limousine Bus to go to Shinjuku (1230 JPY/Adult).
A limousine bus trip from Haneda to Shinjuku

If you want to save money even a little and you are interested in train transport system in Tokyo, please proceed to the next chapter.

Get basic information

You can find route map chart over the ticket vending machines of Haneda Airport International Terminal station of Keikyu line.
We need to get some information before buying a ticket.

The below is train route from Haneda Airport to Shinjuku(新宿).
From Haneda Airport International Terminal to Shunjuku(新宿), you need to :

  1. Take Keikyu line (1) from Haneda Airport to Shinagawa(品川) Station.
  2. Change train at Shinagawa(品川) Station to JR line(2).
  3. Get off at Shinjuku(新宿) Station

The train fare is indicated on the station name.
It costs 610 JPY from Haneda to Shinjuku(新宿) in total.

In Summary :

  • Train fare is 610 JPY in total
  • Transfer at Shinagawa(品川) Station
  • Transfer from Keikyu line to JR Line

These information are necessary when you buy a train ticket from vending machine.

How to buy a train ticket from vending machine

This is initial screen of the vending machine.
Touch “Ticket” to buy a train ticket.
If the language is not English, you can change it by touching the button on top right corner.

Then you can see the below “Connecting ticket” screen.
Please  select this button.
(Most of tourists give up at this moment)

As we investigated above, you will change train at Shinagawa Station to JR Line.
So you should touch “Change at SHINAGAWA JR LINE” button.
Otherwise, you can not go through transfer gate to JR Line at Shinagawa station.

Then train fares are indicated as below.
As we investigated above, the train fee to Shinjuku is 610 JPY.
Let’s touch “610 JPY”.
After that you just follow English instructions to pay money.

Finally, you will get a paper ticket from Haneda to Shinjuku.
This is one way ticket from Haneda Airport to Shinjuku (as of 2018/7/15).
This will be used for entering the airport station, transfer at Shinagawa Station, and exit from Shinjuku station.
Please do not lost this until Shinjuku.

Generally speaking, in Japan, we need to choose “Price”(not destination) to buying a train ticket.
So we should check the fare shown in the route map in advance.

And in this case (from Haneda to Shinjuku), we need to take 2 train companies (Keikyu line and JR line).
So we should select where and to which company we will transfer in order to pay money to 2 train companies.
As a result that, we can buy a ticket which is available for both Keikyu line and JR line.

The above points might be complicated for tourists from oversees, so I recommend to ask concierge near the vending machine if you are confused.

If you have a plan to take trains many times during your stay in Tokyo, it may be a good choice to buy IC Card for transportation payment (PASMO or SUICA or something).
If you buy the IC Card, you don’t need to understand the above.
You can take train just touching your IC card to the sensor of automated gate. It is very easy.
However, you need to be careful about when and where you can refund the deposit (500 JPY) and the remaining value.
Please refer to PASMO official site for more detail.

Proceed to the platform

After you successfully get a train ticket, let’s go through automated gate next to vending machines.
Please proceed to the right or center gate.
The left pink color gate accepts IC tickets only.
Passengers using paper ticket can go through the right or center gate only.
Please be careful about it.

Then go down to the basement by escalator or elevator to proceed to the platform.
Haneda Airport International Terminal Station of Keikyu Line has only 2 platforms.
No.1 is bound for Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal.
No.2 is bound for Tokyo or Yokohama City.
You should go to platform No.2.
If you enter from the above gates on the arrival floor(2F), you can reach platform No.2 only.

Take a train to Shinagawa Direction

Next mission is “to take a correct train”.
This may be most important point in this trip.

At first,  let’s study the route of Keikyu Line.
The above chart shows simplified route map of Keikyu and JR Yamanote lines for the explanation (All stations are not indicated).
As shown in the above, Keikyu trains which depart from Haneda Airport diverge to the below 2 directions at Keikyu Kamata(京急蒲田) Station.

  • Yokohama Direction (shown in Blue color)
  • Shinagawa Direction (shown in Pink color)

You need to take “Shinagawa Direction” train to transfer to JR Yamanote line at Shinagawa station.
If you accidentally take “Yokohama Direction” train, you need to change train at Keikyu Kamata(京急蒲田) Station to change your way to Shinagawa Direction.
Both trains (for Shinagawa and Yokohama) depart from the same platform (No.2).
So, you should check the direction of the train before boarding.

Easiest way to distinguish the direction of train is to check information display.
The directions of the next 3 trains are indicated at the most left column.
You should take “for Shinagawa” train indicated in pink color to go to Shinjuku.
All “for Shinagawa” trains will stop at Shinagawa Station.

You can also check the direction by this route map display.
The above screen indicates that the next train is bound “for Shinagawa(品川方面)” direction.
Please take this train to go to Shinjuku.

The below screen indicates “for Yokohama(横浜方面)”.
This train goes to opposite direction.
It is better to avoid boarding this train and wait for the next “for Shinagawa” train.

After you can specify the direction of the next train…
Let’s take the train !

There may be many passengers depending on the time.
There is no storage space for baggages since this train is designed to commute.
English instruction may be available depending on the type of cars.
It takes about 20 minutes from Haneda Airport to Shinagawa(品川).

Transfer at Shinagawa Station

After you successfully get off at Shinagawa(品川) Station,

  1. Go to Transfer Gate to JR Line and go through it.
  2. Go to Platform No.2 to take JR Yamanote Line for Shinjuku.

The below figure shows the structure of Shinagawa(品川) Station (Sorry for my poor picture).
You will arrive at Track No.2 of Keikyu Line (“Keikyu#2”) in Shinagawa(品川) Station.
Your goal is “JR Line#2” which is JR Yamanote Line(山手線) for Shinjuku(新宿).

After getting off the train, please proceed to “Transfer Gate to JR Line” as shown below.
There are two ways to go to Transfer Gate to JR Line across the rails of “Keikyu #1”.

  • Orange : via Underground Path
  • Red : via Bridge

Ether path is ok for us.

If you go to Transfer gate via Bridge,
Please climb up this escalator.

If you go via Underground Path,
Please go down stair at the end of platform.
Escalator is also available.

Please follow this sign to go to Transfer Gate.

”JR線” JR sen = JR Line
“のりかえ”  Norikae = Transfer
”改札” Kaisatsu = Gate

This is Transfer Gate to JR Line
Please put your paper ticket into the automated gate.
If you have proper ticket as I explained above, you can successfully go through this gate.
Please don’t forget to get your ticket after going through.
If you failed to go through the gate, please ask to the station staffs and follow their instructions.

After passing the Transfer Gate,
Please go 1 level down to go to JR Yamanote Line(山手線) Track No.2.
You can go down other staircase than shown above.

This is down staircase to JR Yamanote Line.
Green Color is symbol color of JR Yamanote Line.
JR Yamanote Line is near the Transfer Gate, so you can find it easily.

Take JR Yamanote Line from Track #2.
Around 7:00-9:00 and 18:00-20:00 of working days, it is totally packed with so many office workers.
It might be difficult to bring your baggage into the cars in these times.
I recommend to take a limousine bus in this commuting time.

Inside the Yamanote Line cars,
English instructions and announcement are available.
So I believe you can securely get off at Shinjuku(新宿) Station.
It takes about  20 minutes from Shinagawa(品川) to Shinjuku(新宿).

My explanation is finished.
If you still try a train trip to Shinjuku from Haneda Airport, let’s try it.

Have a nice trip !

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